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My mission is to inspire and serve

Lynne Web

 About Me

I am a life-long student and play many roles in my life:  Lawyer, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Leader, Writer, NLP Practitioner, Daughter, former Wife, and on and on.

Through all these roles, I have been able to provide much needed assistance to many people who seem to get themselves into one kind of messy situation or another. I happen to be an expert on varied messy situations, so I’m able to assess a situation and get a handle on it most times (at least, when it’s someone else’s situation).  

I’m here to help you create your dreams (personal or business), regardless of any messy circumstances. I’m also here to share stories about my past and ongoing life so you can see that you’re not alone on your journey.

Welcome to my journey – my intention is that we share and assist many others along their journeys.

Your Old Habits Won’t Create New Results!

–Lynne Hampton

My Experience

Entrepreneur: I’ve been involved as partner and sole owner in multiple businesses (including for-profit and not for profit organizations). One “failed” miserably, providing some of the best learning opportunities ever. Of course, I would’ve preferred not to have gone through those failures, but since I did, I realize the gift is in the strength I gained through the lessons I learned and am able to teach to others.

I am currently growing and managing five businesses all of which are in various stages of their development.

Commercial Transactional Attorney: Admitted to practice in the State of Florida, 1995.

Admitted to practice in in front of the United States Supreme Court, 2017.

I have worked with hundreds of business owners, handling various business, commercial real estate, and transactional matters for them.

Facilitator/Instructor: Business Mastery Facebook Group for 3 ½ years, spending over 4000 hours mastering Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery System, and working with and mentoring thousands of business owners in teaching these principles.

Philanthropist: Providing hundreds of hours of legal services in board advisory memberships to nonprofit organizations.

iHeart Radio Talk Show Host: Providing interviews with community leaders and experts on subjects such as local elections, addictions coaching, self-love, personal development strategies, business topics, and business exit strategies for the baby boomer generation and other mid-aged listeners.

Mastermind Group Facilitator: Facilitated three separate mastermind groups with high success rates for the members in achieving completion of projects or reaching goals.

Life and Business Coach/Strategist: Provided business, strategic, and legal advice to hundreds of clients over a ten-year period.

Facilitator of 2016 Basket Brigade West Palm Beach: Raised over $13,000 in four weeks to serve over 300 families with  baskets of food, toiletries, and household items.

NLP Practitioner Certification: Awarded in 2001 from NLP Comprehensive in Boulder Colorado (21–day certification course).

Student: Studied under Tony Robbins, Paul Scheele, John Assaraf, Mastin Kipp, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and others.

Facilitator:  3 ½ day Immersion Mastermind Event (“Gladiator Summit 1.0”), September 2018, with 10 participants for life changing discoveries and experiences.

The Fears We Don’t Face Become Our Limits